Where do I search for accommodation?

You have 4 basic options:

1. Campus Accommodation (you let a room with UCD Res)

2. Private Housing (you and your friends rent a house/flat)

We worked with on a student accommodation specific search, which searches places near UCD.

3. You can also find UCD-exclusive listings in the UCDSU Accommodation Facebook group.

Here, local landlords and UCD students advertise available rooms in shared houses etc. This is also a good place to meet other students searching for similar accommodation.

4. You can access the UCD Accommodation Pad.

UCD Accommodation Pad is a purpose-built site, managed by UCD Residences, which carries adverts for rooms to let in the area.

Where Do I Find Roommates?

If you team up you have much better chances (and a new college fam)

Reach out to people you meet in your course, clubs, societies.

Find roommates online via Facebook groups for your course, accommodation support, etc.

Limit your team to 2-4 people. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble finding a place that’s big enough, and keeping track of everyone. What areas should I look in?

What Areas Should I Look In?

Will, you make it to class when it's raining? When it's raining AND you're in bits from the night before? All aboard the struggle bus!

Walk to class: Clonskeagh, Donnybrook, Roebuck Road, Mount Merrion, Booterstown.

Cycling/skateboarding/scooting: Milltown, Dundrum, Churchtown, Rathmines, Ranelagh, Stillorgan, Goatstown, Booterstown, Blackrock, Sandymount.

Public transport: Check our commuter guide, and pick a place close to a bus/Luas/DART line that services UCD.


UCDSU facilitates one way of advertising your room to a UCD student.

To advertise a property you must join the UCDSU Accommodation Support Facebook page Here, local landlords advertise available rooms in shared houses and interested students can contact landlords directly. We stress that the landlord must advertise the property directly - UCDSU will not advertise the property on behalf of the landlord.

Please note the Students’ Union does not take calls, messages or visits from landlords to our offices. We are not providing any services to landlords. The Facebook page is simply a channel whereby you can advertise your spare room to our students free of charge.

Please note there is a list of minimum requirements in order to post on the UCDSU Accommodation Support Facebook page. UCDSU is moderating this page and ensuring that adverts meet these minimum criteria.

Minimum Requirements:

Reasons why we would remove your advertisement:

*Please note that UCDSU reserves the right to delete your advertisement without explanation. Please do not contact us if your advertisement is removed. We do not accept contact from landlords. 

*Please note we are here for the benefit of students only and not a service for landlords. If your advertisement is not beneficial to our students it will be removed without an explanation.

Tips to make a great advertisement:

In order to best formulate your advert for the Facebook page, we would suggest that you answer the following questions within your post:

1. Is this to be a 5 or 7-day rental?

2. Whereabouts is the property located, and what transport options are there to UCD?

3. Is it a single, double, or twin room?

4. What will the rent be per week/month, and will bills be extra on top of this?

5. Are there any added benefits, for example, use of a TV room or WiFi?

6. What will the mealtime arrangements be - will any/all meals be included, or will the student have kitchen access?

7. Do you have any photos of the room you could attach to the ad?

8. Provide phone number/email address potential tenants should use to contact you.