Where do I search for accommodation?

So you can’t commute from home. You have 3 basic options:

  1. Purpose built student accommodation – like UCD residences.
  2. Private rental
  3. Digs

1. Campus Accommodation (you let a room with UCD Res)

The great thing about on campus accommodation is that from the first of July, you have all the same rights and responsibilities of a tenant in private rental accommodation.

You can get a great rundown of those rights and responsibilities from RTB here.

UCD Residences have their own website for more information:

2. Private Rental (you and your friends rent a house/flat)

The internet is littered with websites hosting rental listings. Here are just a few options that are particularly useful for UCD students.

With Private Renting, you will want to sign a lease or tenancy agreement. This is a legal document outlining your agreement with your landlord. For more top tips on what to do when you’ve got your private rental, see our ‘Moving In’ page!

3. Digs

Digs usually means renting a room in an owner-occupied house. You’ll be living with your landlord. Every Digs house has its own services and its own vibe. Some digs only want students to stay 5 nights a week (Sunday-Thursday, generally). Some provide meals, clothes washing, and more. You can search for digs on UCD Accommodation Pad, UCDSU’s Accommodation Facebook page.

Due to the variable nature of what Digs accommodation includes, it is important to discuss in advance arrangements such as:

  1. Is this to be a 5 or 7-day rental?
  2. Is it a single, double, or twin room?
  3. Are bills included in rent?
  4. Are there any added benefits, for example, use of a TV room or WiFi?
  5. Are any/all meals be included, or will you have kitchen access?
  6. What are the rules regarding guests?

In Digs, instead of a Tenancy Agreement, you and your landlord would sign a Right to Reside. You can download an example of this here.

Beware Scams!

Threshold has a great resource for spotting scams available on their website here.

For the general top tips:

  1. NEVER sign a lease or hand over money without physically visiting the property.
  2. ALWAYS request a RECEIPT for any money, do not hand over cash without a receipt.
  3. ALWAYS make sure the landlord is who they say they are, that they really have the right to rent the property and that the keys actually work in the door.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS.

If you have been scammed, contact the Gardaí! The closest station to UCD is in Donnybrook:

Donnybrook Garda Station

43, Donnybrook Road,


Dublin 4,

D04 XC78

You can contact this station by phone on: +353 1 666 9200 or send an email here on their website.

You can contact the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation: directly by phone: +353 1 6663777

Or online:

Once more, Threshold’s free advice hotline on 1800 454 454 (Mon-Fri, 9AM-9PM).

What Areas Should I Look In?

Will, you make it to class when it's raining? When it's raining AND you're in bits from the night before? All aboard the struggle bus!

Walk to class: Clonskeagh, Donnybrook, Roebuck Road, Mount Merrion, Booterstown.

Cycling/skateboarding/scooting: Milltown, Dundrum, Churchtown, Rathmines, Ranelagh, Stillorgan, Goatstown, Booterstown, Blackrock, Sandymount.

Public transport: Check our commuter guide, and pick a place close to a bus/Luas/DART line that services UCD.

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