MOVING OUT: When You Want to End Your Tenancy

You can download Threshold’s End of Tenancy Checklist here!

Threshold also gives some great student specific advice on ending a tenancy on their website here.

Finding Someone to Take Your Place

There are no legal requirements regarding finding someone to fill your place in your rented accommodation if you leave early. This means that instead you need to find an agreement that you, your housemates, and your landlord agree is fair.

However: if you find someone to fill your room and your landlord objects to them: this is not sufficient reason for them to terminate your lease or withhold your deposit.

Getting Your Deposit Back

Now’s time to crack out the inventory and photographs you took at the start of your lease – if your landlord threatens to withhold your deposit, you can use these documents to dispute that decision.

The Residential Tenancy Board (RTB) has a simple checklist about getting your deposit back here.

They also have a has a service which exists to mediate disagreements between landlords and tenants, which is handy if your landlord unlawfully withholds your deposit. You can find out more about this service here.

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