Post Exams

Well done on getting through the last semester and your exams! Getting your results can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. If you ever have any questions about your results or what to do next you can always send us an email or call into our offices for a chat! In the meantime, this guide has been put together to answer the most common questions about exam results, appeals, repeats and GPA's.

Provisional Results:

All Assessment Key Dates, including provisional results can be found HERE

When you receive your provisional results you should remember that these are not your final grades, so be aware that they may change. If you are missing a grade contact your programme office, school office or module coordinator. You can contact your module co-ordinator or lecturer if you have any queries with a grade or if you would like to view your transcript. If you are still dissatisfied after this you can then file an appeal on specific grounds within 20 working days of the final results being published. You will be required to provide a personal statement as part of your application, explaining the grounds for appeal and providing evidence to support your case. If applicable you may need to provide an original medical certificate.


You can appeal your final grade on two grounds:

1. Procedural Irregularity

 Evidence of an irregularity in the conduct of the assessment process.

Improper conduct of assessment e.g. errors on the examination paper, unclear or misleading assessment instructions, or inappropriate assessment conditions.

Deviation from published module assessment strategy and grading criteria.

University regulations, policies and procedures were not adhered to.

 2. Extenuating Circumstance

If there were extenuating circumstances that your Programme Board was aware of but had rejected because the application was late and the P.B. did not consider the reason why the application was late to be valid.

 A prior circumstance emerged of which the Programme Board was not aware.

HOW TO APPEAL You can download the academic appeals form at /pdfs/appeal_form.pdf

What if I fail?

3. Repeat

You can register to the module again when it is next offered. How? Register through the repeats/resists/transfers tab of the online registration process on SISWEB. Cost: €230 per module

4. Resit

If a repeat is not offered in the semester directly following you may have to take a resit. How? Register through the repeats/resists/transfers tab of the online registration process on SISWEB. To check whether your module offers a resit, use the course search facility on the UCD website to find your module and look at the “What Happens If I Fail” section of the module description. Cost: €180 per module

Grades/GPA Values

Modular Grades Explained:

*Anything under a grade point average value of 2.0 is a failing grade

GPA Greater to or equal to 3.68 1st Class Honours (1:1)

 From 3.08 to 3.67 inclusive 2nd Class Honours, Grade 1 (2:1)

From 2.48 to 3.07 inclusive 2nd Class Honours, Grade 2 (2:2)

From 2.00 to 2.47 inclusive Pass

A Semester GPA will be automatically calculated for you at the end of each semester for the modules taken in that semester. You can view a breakdown of your results if you click into the module SISWEB when viewing your results. This will provide you with a breakdown of the grade you scored in each assessment component of the module.
Save or print your grades as soon as possible because they will disappear.
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