INIS Registration

A note from our International Campaigns Coordinator, Sydney on the INIS process...

INIS Process has become VERY simple for CONTINUING students (Whether that be 2nd, 3rd or 4th year international students) You must be in the SAME program you were in the previous year. This is also inclusive of Phd students as well as graduate students who are CONTINUING with their courses and need to RENEW their cards. It is very important to keep this in mind - it is all completed online!

If you are a first year in what you are doing, or a study abroad for a semester or a year, you MUST attend/book an appointment at Burgh Quay.

INIS: BURGH QUAY (Pertains to Study abroads/1st year international undergraduates)

You will need the following to bring to Burgh Quay:

INIS ONLINE: (Continuing students) I just went through this, it's actually the easiest thing ever, so delighted with the way the system has changed!

AFTER this process is completed online... You will need:

To send by REGISTERED post - this is very important, it will cost around €8, and it will allow you to track your new card/passport (Address is on confirmation email)

Personally, I found the process quick, my new INIS card returned within 5 days and my passport came back within 3 days.

The online process is hidden on the INIS website, you must go to - immigration - renewal - stamp 2 or click HERE

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