Wishing for a wardrobe update but strapped for cash? Wondering how you can be a sustainable fashionista/o and look extra fly simultaneously? We got ya covered.

Alongside our dear friends over at UCD HortSoc and UCD Young Greens,  we're proud to present the first Clothes Swap of the new year and the first (we think?) Great Donate give-back! We'll be setting up in the SU's Orientation Week Festival Fresh Fest Tues-Thurs 12-4pm. It'll all be kicking off in the Quad behind the Old Student Centre. First the fun stuff...

What's this mysterious swapping of garments business?

A swap shop means you give what you get, kind of. Basically, for every item of clothing you bring to the event you can bring home an item another eco-savvy individual has brought along. Think rummaging through your friend's wardrobe for an outfit - except all of UCD is your friend! ??

So how can you take part and nab yourself some extra new clothes? This is how it will "unfold" on the day (sorry, we couldn't resist)

Some general GUIDELINES in terms of what to bring:


But wait... there's more!

Every year when 3,000 students move out of on-campus accommodation (more if you include those who are only here for a semester!), they are told to leave their apartments completely clear. Often, students don't have anywhere to put the stuff they've acquired, resulting in perfectly good utensils like pots, pans, cutlery, plates, and mugs being thrown in the skip and going straight to landfill :( 

In May, along with the International Students' Society, we ran The Great Donate; we provided a space for students to donate their old stuff to us instead of throwing it out. We collected, we moved, we stored and now we're giving it back! If you need to furnish your kitchen, pop down to us during Fresh Fest and pick up some bits. We're not charging for anything, but any and all donations to our charities for the year, Enable Ireland and the RCNI are very welcome.

As always, any questions or if you want to get involved, get in touch with us on our Eco UCD social media accounts run by the SU Environmental Coordinator, Lisa and her team.

If you're interested in getting involved in any area of campaigns in your Union, be it environmentalism or mental health, sign up here!

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