The Great Donate

We want your pots and pans, your cutlery, your crockery, your glasses!

Before you move out of Res, make sure to drop any kitchenware that you're not taking with you and that's in good condition to our manned collection point in Ashfield Social Space! We'll make sure it gets into the hands of a grateful new resident! You can drop your stuff off to our volunteer-led collection points at the times below.

Please do not donate items outside of the above times 🙏

If you wanna give us a hand collecting, join the FB group here

Every year when 3,000 students move out of on-campus accommodation, they have to leave their apartments completely clear. Often, students don't have anywhere to put the stuff they've acquired, resulting in perfectly good utensils like pots, pans, cutlery, plates, and mugs being thrown in the skip and going straight to landfill 😌

Last May, we ran the Great Donate, providing a space for students to donate their old stuff to us instead of throwing it out. We collected, we moved, we stored and in September, we gave it back. Now we're doing it again!

What are we collecting?

What else is happening? Well...

UCD Estate Services and UCD Green Campus support Dogs Trust donating almost 4,000 duvets and saving 3,920 of waste from landfill since 2016.

Duvets for Dogs is a UCD Green Campus initiative that takes place when there is a turnover of students in the Residences. Instead of residents disposing of their duvet as they leave campus, Duvets for Dogs allows them the option to donate it to Dogs Trust Ireland.

What does a donation consist of?
Why does my donation make a difference?
When and where is the donation taking place?

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