Emma Gregg

ENTS Promotions Co-Ordinator

Email: promotions@ucdsu.ie

My name is Emma Gregg and I am your Promotions Co-Ordinator as part of your ENTS team.
This means that I will be working closely with Tom on all of the events that will take place in
the coming year. I am 20 and I am half-Danish, half Irish. I grew up in Blackrock and spent 6
years in Denmark before moving back to Dublin again. I am a second year music and drama

I have spent the last year working closely with the SU as an events rep, attending and
helping at every event that was held last year. This has given me some great experiences
and I can only encourage you to get involved as much as possible, whether it be as a class
rep, an events rep or a volunteer.

I cannot wait to get back to it all again and see you all at the events, so keep an eye out for
me and send me an email if you have any questions!

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